G D Weymouth

I am passionate about teaching and research related to fluid dynamics, physics-based machine learning, and biologically inspired engineering.

Associate Professor of Marine Hydrodynamics at University of Southampton

Co-lead of Marine and Maritime Data Centric Engineering at Alan Turing Institute

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Open source projects

Flow solvers

Lily Pad is an interactive two-dimensional viscous flow solver which has been used to produce results for top-tier academic journals as well as demonstrate basic flow concept in classrooms and on TV. I'm currently developing Water Lily for three-dimension simulations and auto-differentiation on GPUs.

Educational notebooks

I use Jupyter notebooks to teach an Introduction to Numerical Python for Engineers (which has an accompanying playlist on youtube), as well as Marine Hydrodynamics and Offshore Engineering Analysis.

Interactive web-apps

I have a set of web apps and Android apps that I use to illustrate fluid dynamic concepts in undergraduate teaching and outreach.

Research projects

Deep learning the spanwise averaged Navier-Stokes equations: Dr Bernat Font

Bernat's preprint and his project github

Flexible squid-inspired underwater robot: Thierry Bujard

Full text from Science Robotics without going through the login screen.

Three dimensional effects of flapping foil propulsion: Andhini Zurman Nasution

Andhini's preprint and her project github

Flapping Foil Performance in Unsteady Upstream Flow: Rodrigo Vilumbrales Garcia

Immersed boundary simulations of thin flexible structures: Marin Lauber

Marin's Github with 1D-piston example.

Cancelling wake deflection with tandem flapping foils: Nick Lagopoulos with Andhini Zurman-Nasution